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Bergen Ship Agency has an office and warehouse at Skoltegrunnskaien 1, in the heart of Bergen.

  • 150 m2 office space

  • Good parking opportunity

  • 450 m2 of warehousing

  • Warehouse are locked and well secured, and are also in the ISPS area.

  • Good ventilation and dry storage

  • No rats

  • Pallet racking storage per vessel

  • Good access both via freight elevator and truck / crane

Bergens Ship Agency understands your need for online goods flow info.

  • All items in our warehouse are registered after 30 min receipt, and then visible via our website or app.

  • Can provide separate login for ships, so they only see their goods.
  • Packing lists are scanned and are visible.
  • Registration can be made by shipowners or ship.

  • Pick and assembly after booking.

  • Transport to ships for delivery at the agreed place / time.

  • Signed waybill available within 30 min after delivery, both on web and app.

  • Can download signed waybill.

  • Can EDI brand goods and deliver to Bring, Nor Lines, Post, Post Nord etc.

We have the capacity to take your goods flow - try us!

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